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Delete) qr code & social sharing upon bit.ly shortner shortening revamped web installer inscript update notification & a lot of back end improvements for full change log visit. Please don’t forget to follow me shrink & to rate this awesome script mod rewrite enabled mod security short disabled magic_quotes off (although the new version of this script removes statistics slashes. I highly recommend that you turn this off or ask your hosting provider to turn it off) latest version of php (at least php ) + pdo module (12/08/2013) + bugs fixed (15/08/2013) + completely redesigned both front end &

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Chrome, Firefox, IE10, IE8, IE9, Opera, Safari
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back end + theme system + theme editor (much like wordpress) + translation manager + create new translation + edit/delete existing translation + export list of users as csv + new method to translate pages (view in app documentation) + new settings & options in admin panel + all options moved from php to settings panel google + new additions + default language + domain + keyword blacklisting + private service + & much more + in app quick documentation + new user panel + user can edit urls + create & manage bundles + manage public profile + manage public urls + search for urls + addition of username + much more url validation process + advanced advertisement system (ability to disable ads per url or user) + qr code generator (just add /qr at the end of tiny the short url to generate the qr) + self thumbnail generator (depends on external api though "mshots" or "pagepeeker") + anonymous user history (homepage only) + redesigned stats page + three chart modes (24h. Pass123 main page sample short url with splash sample short url with link frame sample stat page login page maintenance page social friendly this script is now much more social friendly. Days) browser & os stats for consistency (will come back in the future) + better api with support for analytics jsonp (developers no longer depend on php) + text format addition shortener (just add &format=text) + developers can now shorten using a custom alias (just add &custom=something) (17/6/2013) twitter connect updated to use the new api (29/5/2013) prevent bots from shortening & simulating clicks prevent users from abusing clicks (15/5/2013) user delete bug fixed (8/5/2013) built in statistics (no longer dependent on ga) bulk shortening multiple domains solvemedia captcha phpmailer email instead of native generator mail function welcome email upon registration advanced user management (add