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User codeigniter v2 pro manager

Codeigniter user manager pro 25th july 2013 fixed – acl now performing check correctly fixed – crud user group working with parent as “none” fixed – crud user level working with parent as “none” fixed – crud user working with user group as “none” fixed – changing user_id in url of edit user doesn’t throw php errors fixed – help block login spans no longer have same id (valid html) fixed – edit user doesn’t force on to change control the password fixed – crud user level & user group. Can’t be edited changed – users can now access be made admin & still be editable added – checks for duplicate name &

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Chrome, Firefox, IE10, Opera, Safari
No - Standart
MySQL 5.x, PHP 5.x
CSS, HTML, JavaScript JS, PHP, SQL

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email when admin adds user codeigniter user manager pro 21st june 2013 fixed – bugs due due to reference to the old settings table fixed – missing column ‘parent’ in user_group table added – facebook connect now adds user to users table minor bug fixes codeigniter user manager pro 3rd june 2013 updated – facebook connect now working updated – premium pages now show login prompt updated – using phpass for hashing passwords updated – documentation with instructions for facebook connect major bug fixes. User groups or cms levels simple user’s statistics search users email activation for registered users user login ip log user login time log user login attempts log an exhaustive documentation for both registration technical & non technical users. Both frontend & backend powerful password encription to enhance security hidden field security to manage keep away spammers acl forgot pass word for both frontend & backend login single session for both front end & backend remember me cookie for both front end & back end pages module to allow users with access permissions to access specific pages add. The system itself is a web application built atop the codeigniter php framework & designed to be very lightweight thus improving page load speeds responsive even for slow connections & giving your visitors a flawless experience