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User facebook chat system

Fancy styled tabs easy integrate into existing site minimize & close options track chats & keep them open if page is browsed or refreshed auto resize input box auto resize chat user box auto scrolling chat text chat box popup when message is received after 3 minutes inactivity displays (sent at xxx) low serverspeed needed (refresh less when live chat is more inactivity) you will find a install guide with our files. It is placed at the bottom of your website similar to facebook real chat. That allow time users to chat in small boxes at bottom jqurey of page. Facebook user chat system is website a jquery based live chat software that uses php & mysql. With this script your users for at online your site can chat together with small web chat boxes at bottom of page like facebook

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Chrome, Firefox, IE6, IE7, IE8, IE9, Opera, Safari
CSS, HTML, JavaScript JS, JavaScript JSON, PHP, SQL

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