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Timelapse video of the perseid meteor shower & the galactic core of the milky way vimeo as seen from joshua tree national park. // information returned from a youtube php link $info['video_id'] $info['published'] $info['updated'] $info['title'] $info['info'] $info['user'] $info['comments'] $info['category'] $info['duration'] $info['category'] $info['tags'] $info['thumb_1'] $info['thumb_2'] $info['thumb_3'] $info['thumb_large'] $info['favorites'] $info['views'] video id. This video plugin can take a youtube or vimeo url & return an array of info such as a thumbnail widgets image. // information

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IE6, IE7, IE8, Opera, Safari
No - Standart
jQuery, PHP 5.3

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return from a vimeo link $info['video_id'] $info['status'] $info['title'] $info['info'] $info['mobile_url'] $info['thumb_small'] $info['thumb_med'] $info['thumb_large'] $info['user'] $info['user_url'] $info['user_thumb_small'] $info['user_thumb_medium'] $info['user_thumb_large'] $info['user_thumb_huge'] $info['likes'] $info['plays'] $info['comments'] $info['duration'] youtube $info['width'] $info['height'] $info['tags'] $info['embed'] codeigniter video id. It uses the newer iframe embed method which adds html5 support to both youtube & vimeo video which means they can be play on mobile devices such as iphone & android